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    Setting the Standard with Toyota's 8-Series Forklift

    Last updated 2 years ago

    The right forklift can help make your worksite significantly more productive. That’s why Toyota designs efficient, durable forklifts for commercial use. Use this video from Liftow Limited to choose a Toyota lift vehicle that’s right for your business.

    This video can teach you all about the Toyota 8-Series’ key features and attractive design. Specific forklift perks covered by the video include environmental safeguards, improved safety, and ergonomic support for drivers. Finally, you’ll learn about Toyota’s signature System of Active Stability..

    Make sure your company’s forklift is a high-quality piece of equipment from a known manufacturer. For example, you can trust the durable heavy equipment from the experts at Toyota. Call Liftow Limited at (866) 626-4299 to learn more about our wide selection of forklifts

    Liftow Hits the Green!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Liftow's Western Division, including the Kitchener, London and Windsor branches celebrated their 10th Western Division golf tournament on Sunday September 9th. The tournament was held at the Ingersoll Golf Club for the 2nd consecutive year. It was a day filled with fun, great weather and lots of smiles!  

    Do You Crave More Forklift Knowledge? Then See These Educational Links!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    A forklift may be the perfect solution to your worksite’s heavy labor needs. You can also call Liftow Limited for professional information on forklift maintenance, rentals and training. Contact our forklift experts at (866) 626-4299 or by visiting our dealership.

    • Increase safety around the worksite by incorporating these forklift safety tips from Thomson Rivers University.
    • Steer clear of these common accidents by investing in safe, reliable forklifts.
    • Trust these tips from to keep your workers out of forklift accidents.
    • Find out why electric vehicles are a huge benefit with this resource from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

    First-Time Buyer? The Benefits of Purchasing a Used Model Fork Lift

    Last updated 2 years ago

    First-time forklift buyers should do plenty of research before making a final purchase. One of the many factors to consider when purchasing a forklift is whether you should choose new or used models. Here are some benefits in purchasing a pre-owned forklift.

    • Low Cost: One of the most obvious benefits of purchasing a used forklift is the price difference. Heavy duty vehicles like forklifts begin to depreciate as soon as they leave the dealership, so purchasing a used model offers a great value by allowing you to avoid the most significant period of depreciation. This value is an especially important factor when companies are purchasing a forklift for the first time.
    • Professional Restoration: The best used forklifts are available from professional forklift dealerships. Pre-owned equipment is refurbished to ensure they work reliably and meet safety regulations and emissions standards. Owners can feel confident that their used lift truck will perform as well as a new one.
    • Brand Preview: Used forklift models give companies an opportunity to preview a brand’s performance and features. Hands-on experience with a used forklift provides valuable experience for first time buyers. Familiarity with a brand’s basics ensures that a company can make an informed purchase when their worksite needs more forklift support.
    • Extra Resources: Used forklift models are more likely to have featured reviews in industry publications. This information allows companies to make an education decision when they buy their first forklift. In addition, companies will be able to use recalls and press awards to select a used forklift that goes the distance.

    Get in touch with Liftow Limited at (866) 626-4299 for more information used Toyota forklifts. All of our used equipment have been originally purchased, serviced and maintained by Liftow. We also offer forklift safety and operation tips on our website.

    Big Job to Tackle but Short On Manpower? Rent a Forklift!

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Some jobs will require more heavy lifting than you’ve got the manpower for. In cases like these, a rental forklift can do wonders for your worksite productivity. Utilize this helpful and cost-effective resource to help stay on schedule.

    • Review Project: Consider the lifting and moving needs of your project before scheduling a forklift rental—this prep work ensures your rented vehicle is best suited to complete the job. You should also find out if your forklift project requires any special attachments like a work platform or drum lift and whether the work will be indoors, outdoors or a combination of the two. Lastly, be sure to estimate the total distance traveled and load weights of each task the rental forklift will need to perform.
    • Choose Model: Make sure that your forklift rental company provides access to different types of forklifts, range of capacities and forklift attachments. A large selection ensures that you can locate the most cost-effective model available. You’ll also have to choose between gas and electric forklifts. Gas forklifts often offer more power, but electric forklifts are cleaner and often more convenient to use.
    • Forklift Training: Even though you may need a short term rental your operator’s will still need to be properly trained and certified on the equipment. A reliable forklift rental company like Liftow Limited can provide customers with the necessary training to keep your company in compliance.
    • Receive Forklift: The final step in forklift rental is to schedule the delivery. Provide the renting company specific information on where to deliver the forklift and whether your company has a dock. Warehouse and worksite managers will have to arrange for a drop-off date that fits with their project schedules. Once the project is complete, renters must schedule a pick-up date for the forklift.

    Let the professionals at Liftow Limited assist you in finding the right rental lift truck for your next project. You can also call us to schedule a forklift rental at (866) 626-4299.

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